Thought of the flight

20 Jul 2016
#Mesa #GSoC


I’m in a plane to Paris so I think it’s the good time to write a new post.

Since my last post, I keep coding the “soft” double precision floating point library in GLSL. (My code is available on my GitHub. Please, don’t hesitate to review it !) I worked on mul_fp64, eq_fp64, le_fp64, lt_fp64, add_fp64 and fp64-to-fp32-conversion. But I probably did a silly thing with signed/unsigned. Once all of this functions finished, I will create recip_fp64 and rsqrt_fp64.

For a few days now, my computer crashes when I did not seem to find the problem so I decided to change my distro. I choose to use Ubuntu 16.04LTS but I’ve got some troubles building Piglit. It’s give me an idea: to avoid this troubles, I can make a Docker file for Piglit developers. Like this, newcomers could easily have a working environment without loosing some precious times. If it’s work properly and people are interested, I could make a Docker for Mesa developers.

Have a nice day,

Elie “hopetech” Tournier

My name is Elie Tournier, I'm a French software engineer. Open-source entousiast, I contribute to Mesa, an open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification - a system for rendering interactive 3D graphics.