About me

My name is Elie Tournier, I’m a French software engineer.
Currently I work on the graphics stack, mostly on the mesa compiler.
I started this contribution during the Google Summer of Code ‘16.
Most of my code can be found on my GitHub.

When I’m not coding, you’ll typically find me in mountain, riding my bike, climbing or skiing.

Latest Blog Post

10 Apr 2018 GPU virtualization update

A few months ago, Robert Foss wrote a blog post about virtualizing GPU Access. In his post, Robert explained the architecture of the GPU virtualization stack and, how to build and run a VM with hardware acceleration. If you are interested by the GPU virtualization topic, I suggest you to read Robert’s post. Today, I will discuss the major improvements which landed upstream during these pasts 3 months. TL;DR: QEMU can now use OpenGL ES acceleration. Virglrenderer is close to be OpenGL ES 2.0 compliant. We are still working on OpenGL ES 3.0….

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Do not hesitate to drop me an email at tournier.elie@gmail.com
or ping me on IRC, I’m hopetech on freenode, generally on #dri-devel.