Some healthy readings

20 Jun 2016
#Mesa #GSoC


If you are interested in the topic, I found some papers and books about (double precision) floating point I’d like to share:

  • “IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic”, IEEE.

  • “Handbook of floating point arithmetic”, J.M. Muller, F. de Dinechin, N. Brisebarre, C.-P. Jeannerod, V. Lefèvre. (Birkauser, 2010), ISBN:0817647058

  • “Precision & Performance:Floating Point and IEEE 754 Compliance for NVIDIA GPUs”, N. Whitehead, A. Fit-Florea.

For French readers:

  • “Peut-on vraiment calculer avec un ordinateur ?”, F. Langrognet, Series of articles for Linux Magazine.


Elie “hopetech” Tournier

My name is Elie Tournier, I'm a French software engineer. Open-source entousiast, I contribute to Mesa, an open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification - a system for rendering interactive 3D graphics.